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How Social Media has Tremendously Influenced Consumer Buying Behaviour and Marketing Activities.

74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media

Social media actually started out as a platform for people to share photos of their family and friends. Today social media has develop to become much more impactful, especially for businesses. It has now turn into an important key of companies marketing strategies. Both B2C and B2B businesses are utilising and benefiting from social media’s buying influence too.

Reviews from Social Influencers

There is no doubt that social influencers are one of the trend in social media marketing or marketing in general. The word “social influencers” means a representation of an individual who have a high amount of following on their social media pages. They are often targeted by brands to promote services or products because with their large audience viewing the posts of these influencers everyday.

According to the PwC total retail survey, 45% of global respondents said that reading reviews, comments, and feedback influences their shopping behaviour.

These influencers knows how to utilise social media effectively, by tagging a store or brand of a products they show in their posts, this helps their followers to gain interest and knowledge about a certain brand and influence a purchase.

If you have a business and wanted to reach out to influencers, try finding individuals who have a good number of following, but keep in mind that the more the following, the more the request from businesses. Do some research and find the influencer that attract followers that align with your target personas.

80% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on friend’s suggestions

Social media lets us connect with our family and friends, the information we post or share help us tell our family and friends about a new product or service we’ve discovered, which has a significant influence on our family and friends.

Business presence on social media

Businesses with an active and consistent social media page has a big influence on purchasing behaviour. Brands with a low social media presence will have a hard time convincing anyone of their credibility, even if the brand has a lot of attention from customers and influencers. An active and consistent feed that demonstrate their products or services provides value which can turn visitors into followers and into buyers.

With a strong social media page, businesses will naturally attract more follower which is one of the most important part in driving purchase decisions. Businesses will be benefited from their high number of followers because that tells people that others are aware of your brand, engaged by your post and satisfied with your product or service.


It is obvious that businesses that have a strong social media presence will be able to drive more sales. But brands that listens to discussions of consumer about your brand will help you understand your consumer’s behaviour, their social media activities and experience with your brand. This then will help you focus on your social media strategy, by knowing our weaknesses and knowing where we should strengthen.


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