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Is AI the Future of Innovative Marketing Solutions?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

91.5% of leading businesses invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) continuously. From cybersecurity, compliance, and customer service to manufacturing, marketing and advertising, AI plays an integral part in almost every key component of a business. But what is AI, and how critical is it for today's marketing?

AI, together with machine learning, penetrate data and deciphers all forms of digital information, including audio, video, images, texts and unstructured data. It analyses and detects underlying patterns and anomalies to help businesses make informed decisions in real time.

What you can't see with bare eyes is picked up by AI to help us identify your gaps in a time-sensitive manner and solve them with higher efficiency and accuracy.

In other words, AI has a futuristic vision that learns, adapts and improvises to solve problems - a key component of keeping with today's evolving marketing landscape.

Here are 4 ways it is making strides in our marketing space today!

Personalised marketing

According to Semrush, 80% of marketers are already using chatbots for increased customer experience. However, AI is transforming simple customer relationship management (CRM) systems into dynamic interactive platforms that can self-update, auto-correct and connect with customers on a personalised level.

Improved targeting

AI works as your robotic arm to collect information about online users specific to your industry. It unleashes its automatic learning ability to pick up people's online traces and learn the latest trend, top searches, views and online purchases. It then crafts a big database about customer behaviour specific to your needs. It helps you to better target your audience and position your brand in a way that caters to their needs.

Deep data analysis

You can analyse real-time data and track and monitor them without spending tons of hours in manual investigation and research. Instead, the data is stacked and presented in digital dashboards that are more perceivable to you. As such, it empowers you to take quick solutions and make informed decisions to improve your business.


The most obvious of all, AI cuts out a lot of manual work. You won’t have to invest hours in creating databases or operational models. From customer service to report generation and routine work, automation can take care of many operational processes to help you use your resources on more important tasks.

AI has the power to evolve marketing, leveraging big data and machine learning. It narrows the blind spots of your marketing goals, making them more accurate and precise. More importantly, it adapts and learns from the past to churn out better results for the future, driving businesses to perform better.

AI is the present and future of marketing. Today, we are all connected with AI, knowingly or unknowingly, but if you can leverage its power to drive your marketing, you can take your business to the next level. To understand AI marketing better, stay tuned with Brand Soul for more exciting insights.

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