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Is Ethics Critical to the Success of AI Marketing?

With breakthrough evolutions like Open.AI and ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has opened a brand new world, and everyone wants in! Businesses are opting to use AI marketing to make their strategies, lead generation and customer experience better, faster and easier.

But all good things have a flip side! You have to consider the ethical implications of AI marketing, or else it will not only harm your business but have a significant effect on your stakeholders.

We have raised 4 ethical implications that you may fall into and the best way to cope with them.

1. Excessive bias and prejudice

At the heart of every worldly creation are humans. The AI system is built by us, and so some AI marketing tools can have inherent biases or are programmed to learn from existing biases. Such AI systems may misguide you with opaque information that may not be in the best interest of your business or your consumers.

To avoid it, ensure that your AI system is trained on diverse data sets that accurately represent your target market.

2. Privacy concerns

When you are relying on a bot to create your marketing blueprint, you are also giving it access to confidential company data. If you are not careful, your data can be infiltrated and used without your permission.

So, you must vet your AI marketing tool to confirm it collects data fairly, legally and ethically. Look into how it works to ensure that your business data is only collected with your consent and used in a way that respects your privacy.

3. Mass amount of disinformation

All data AI comes up with are not from verifiable and reliable sources. As such, they have a tendency to spread disinformation that may misguide you, heavily dampening your efforts to create an effective marketing strategy.

Even ChatGPT until recently only generated information till November 2021. Anything else that occurred in the last year was not available in its system. So, if you wished to create something based on current events, it would give backdated results but package it as updated information.

Therefore, it's of utmost importance to know your AI system intimately. When was it made, how was it created, its purpose, features and limitations? These will help you to ensure that your AI system is trained on accurate data sets.

4. Curtailing employees

One of the biggest and most talked about fear of AI systems are their threat to job prospects, especially entry-level jobs. Yes, you have a powerful tool at your hand that works precisely at your command. But don’t let go of your skilled workers just yet!

Many employees have spent a crucial part of their life as part of your team and championed building your business. So, rather than retrenching, retrain them to work alongside AI systems.

With the combined effort of humans and AI, your marketing efforts can be far superior and more effective, bringing you to a game-changing revolution.

To see one such revolutionary masterpiece of AI marketing, check out our brand-new AI marketing solutions to elevate your business to the next level.

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