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Why The Timing You Send Your Email Is So Important?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

If you’re an online marketer, you’re likely spending valuable time and resources capitalizing on email marketing’s infamous 4,400% ROI.

Living in the year 2020, it is getting harder to capture the attention of people who are receiving multiple promotional email everyday. A successful email marketing does not only depend on the content you send anymore but when you send your emails.

What’s the Best Day of the Week to Send Emails?

Well you probably already seen a lot of information and got confused about when to send emails. Here we make it easier for you to understand on when to send emails based on a

few studies.

Firstly, Omnisend found out that sending emails on Tuesday and Thursday are the best days while Monday and Saturday are the worst days. Secondly, GetResponse discover that Tuesday is the best day to send email for those who are eyeing for high open rates surprisingly Monday is a close second while Saturday and Sunday are low in terms of email opens. Thirdly, Campaign Monitor’s shows that Tuesday is good for click-through rates while Thursday is good for open rates.

The best days to send emails remains to be Tuesday and Thursday based on the data of the studies. However, we should take note that it might work out well for one metric while it might not necessarily work well for another.

What’s the Best Time of the Day to Send Emails?

The time of the day you send emails will decide the relationship between your brand and your subscribers. People will likely to unsubscribe from our newsletter if we send it in the wrong time but sending at the right time can turn potential customers into repeat customers.

Based on a few studies, here we compiled the data for you to understand easily. Firstly, Omnisends found out that email open rates peaked at 8am with an average of 20.32 but they recommend sending email at 5pm for CTR as is the top-performing time to send. Secondly, GetResponse says that sending emails around 1pm brings good results followed by commuting time in the morning and afternoon.

Just remember to think about your target audience, habits and the industry of your business. The data you have read can help you think about the best day and time but in the end your consumers will determine the best time to send your emails.


It is good to do some research to check for the best time to send emails. Improving things like better email subject lines to engaging subscribers with better content are also as important. However, your audiences will always remain to be the most important part of sending emails, so it is best to find out what works best for them and using these data as your reference.


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