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Why Customer Experience (CX) is the Next BIG Thing you should focus!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience, up from just 36% in 2010.

Consumers are getting smarter and smarter nowadays. With the growth of online content that gives consumers the power to learn more about a brand, they are no longer getting impressed with all the marketing gambits that push them to buy a particular product. Instead, they are looking for brands that understand them.

73% of people say that customer experience is an important factor

Some may not be familiar with the term CX but it actually stands for customer experience and is a topic that you should be focusing on as it has become one of the hottest topic in the marketing world. But only 50% of today’s consumers say that they have good experience with companies.

So what you can do to give a great CX to your consumers. From efficiency, being convenience to easy accessible website and many more. We have to think from our consumers point of view on how they think of a certain brand or what they value in terms of customer experience. That way we will be able to study our customer’s behaviour and focus on improving our customer’s experience.

According to Forrester, consumers spend 85 percent of their time in apps on smartphones.

As we enter the year of 2020, technology also play a major role on how it would affect our marketing strategy to make good customer experience. Simple factor like mobile experience, personalization to user-friendly website and many more should be given thoughts about it as all of these would play a factor on the overall customer experience.

There is no doubt that technology has allow businesses to have new ways to track customer experience but also has created new challenges for businesses. Businesses have to adapt and change the way of how to run a business today with how the power of technology impact customer’s today. With technology, having a system in your business that is able to take advantage of the customer data is important as we will be able to improve customer experience with those data while making changes according to customer needs in the future.


Keep in mind that CX is key to a successful brand. Providing good customer experience will help to retain customers and gain new potential customers as well. A well thought marketing plan with the help of technology which focus on good customer experience can help build the relationship between a consumer and a brand significantly which is beneficial in the long run.


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