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HWG Digital Investment Bank (Malaysia) Appoints Brand Soul to Lead its First Decentralised Brand

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

  • The collaboration with Brand Soul will help to kickstart HWGDIB’s first decentralized investment branding journey

  • HWGDIB and Brand Soul will build a credible decentralised investment brand through a comprehensive engagement strategy with its customers and followers

MALAYSIA, 2nd SEPTEMBER 2022 – Digital Financial Technology (“FinTech”) Investment Bank HWG Digital Investment Bank (Malaysia) P.L.C. 豪华云顶投资银行 (“HWGDIB” or “Group” or “HWG Digital Investment Bank”) (, joins forces with the award-winning and innovative brand strategy design specialist Brand Soul Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Brand Soul”) (, to kick start its decentralized investment (“DeIn”) branding journey.

In a statement, HWGDIB, said: “We are delighted to welcome Brand Soul in this important role at a time when HWGDIB is eyeing to disrupt and transform the FinTech industry with the rollout of our decentralised investment platform. By creating a trusted decentralized investment brand in the community, we will create values for our clients, employees, partners and communities.”

Brand Soul is Asia’s fastest-growing brand strategy consulting firm focused on the financial, technology and professional services sectors and FinTech in the Asia-Pacific region. They are a brand transformation leader with extensive experience, and Brand Soul’s proven track record of delivering incredible brand results makes them a very welcome addition to our Group.”

Stella Wong is the founder of Brand Soul and has led the brand strategy consulting firm to multiple awards over the last few years.

The strategic collaboration with Brand Soul will play a vital role in allowing the Group to kickstart its DeIn branding journey and accelerate the mass adoption of its DeIn platform that leverages disruptive blockchain technology.

As DeIn’s ecosystem is an inspiring and fast-moving space with financial services innovation happening at a rapid pace, trust is a vital element in ensuring its healthy development.

Brand Soul’s strong track record in creating trust through its multi-touchpoints communication will help to build a credible DeIn brand through a comprehensive engagement strategy with its customers and followers. These strategies include addressing the platform's safety and security issues, moving towards cross-chain communication, ensuring transactional privacy and highlighting global brand participation.

Brand Soul’s Founder Stella Wong said, “The rise of online financial scams has created many social issues. While the financial industry will continue to evolve with technology, it's imperative to establish a credible brand in a DeIn world where trust is lacking. Our collaboration with HWGDIB goes beyond just creating a digital brand for the investors; as we are aiming to create a DeIn brand that engages with the community through seamless integration with our daily lives. Through this engagement, we will help to make DeIn available, secure and accessible for everyone.”

As blockchain technology continues to evolve with more regulations to provide a better and secured DeIn ecosystem to the mass market, HWGDIB will play a vital role in engaging with the different stakeholders. This will require an effective brand strategy partner in order for HWGDIB to focus on delivering the best DeIn ecosystem to the market. With Brand Soul on board, HWGDIB is confident that the Group will accelerate the adoption of its upcoming DeIn projects.


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