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4 Powerful Business Tips To Get You Through This MCO2.0

Whether you are selling products or services, these mind-blowing tips will definitely help you to gear up your marketing activities (especially during this challenging time).

1. What's in there that doesn't sell?

7 out of 10 of our clients are not aware of the problem with their website especially comes to the content planning strategy.

If your website or social media does not generate any new inquiries for your business, you should REVIEW and check what's wrong with the content and strategy.

So, why wait?

2. Invest In Your Brand, Not Just The Product

Since MCO 1.0, we have received a lot of questions about whether to invest in a brand or product. We say both! If you are confident with your products or services, you should start building a brand that people can trust and associate with.

Those who buy your product, they buy into the story of your brand too. So be genuine, be authentic, be professional!

3. Database Remarketing & Reconnecting

Relook the existing database you have, be it a client or a new friend whom you met in a past event, then evaluate if there is any collaborative project that you can work together with them.

Remember, you have to build the door by yourself in order to for the opportunity to knock.

4. Be The Trend That Everyone Wants To Follow Do you have a TikTok account? Do you know the live streaming will become a new norm and video content will dominate in 2021? If all these sounds unfamiliar to you, it's not too late to explore it now!

73% of business owners use social media to increase the acquisition of new customers. If you already have a social media account (which is great), try to go beyond the ordinary to create creative video content, use unusual ways to promote your brand and services.


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