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6 Tips To Use PR to Grow Your Business

Here are the six tips you can use PR to grow your business.

1) Be seen as an expert

The question on every startup’s mind is when building a brand is how do we tell our audience we are the best when all our competitors are also claiming to be the best? The answer is to get media exposure to paint you as an expert in your field.

This is simply the best way to build your

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2) Land higher-level business meetings

By using media placements you can attract more meeting invites and you can use your media appearances as touch points with clients, investors, and stakeholders. Send them the link to the media spot and let them know you thought they may appreciate seeing it. Then, ask them for their feedback.

3) Find your target audience through enhanced SEO

Build high-quality links back to your website to boost your domain authority, rank in search engines, and overall discoverable of your business online. By boosting your SEO not only can your target audience find you, but you get media placements places you in front of their audience. Whether it’s a TV appearance, radio or podcast interview, guest post, or a thought leadership quote within an article in a reputable publication, PR puts your name in front of your target audience in ways you just cannot do on your own.

4) Get verified on social media

Getting your profiles verified on social media enhances your credibility. It tells your clients you are who you say you are online and that your profiles are authentic. In a business world where people are always on the lookout for scams, having a blue check mark by your name on social media gives you instant third-party credibility.

5) Message clarity via storytelling

Launch a creative PR campaign that allows your customers to learn about who you are, your values, what you do, and the mission behind your business. Telling your story in the media is a unique opportunity to connect with your audience. Now more than ever, people want to do business with someone they feel like they know and trust. Consumers like to get the behind-the-scenes insights into what it takes to launch a successful startup, build a brand, or overcome a obstacle that stood in your way. Telling these stories helps consumers develop a relationship with your brand.

6) Enhanced exposure to investors

There’s no better way to promote your business as being a worthwhile business to fund than getting in the media. Research press opportunities to land in outlets that investors from within your area of business pay attention to. Then, work on developing interesting story ideas and pitches to land placements in those outlets. The best PR campaigns are creative, unique, and newsworthy. They allow you to cover every aspect of communicating what your business does and why consumers should listen to you, the expert.



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