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5 Marketing Skills to Stay Relevant (Especially During This Challenging Time)

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

How you market your business during this #pandemic season has become extremely important. Not only the business owners need to constantly ask themselves: “What is our new normal and how can we breakthrough this?”, but also learn to adopt the new way to market their business.

Here is the list of skills to turn social distancing into social solidarity:

1. #Visuals: A picture speaks a thousand words

90% of the information that reaches your brain is visual. Pictures and videos can prompt stronger emotional responses than text for many customers. An example of industry which visual marketing is widely used is the travel and tourism sector, which visual influences are created to inspire more visitors and encourages them to travel after the pandemic ends.


2. #Storytelling: Facts tell, but stories sell.

Great brands are skilful storyteller that makes customers recall an experience of themselves, and trigger the buying decisions from the emotional part of our brain. It is a powerful way to connect with your customers emotionally, leading to long term loyalty. Who wants customers when you can have loyal friends?


3. #BigData: Data-driven insights to understand the market.

A story that is not backed by hard facts, numbers and lots of specific supporting evidence has a high likelihood that the message will be ignored, or worse, will annoy your audience. Especially due to the pandemic, market has changed like never before. Hence, the ability to master and exploit big data for accurate predictions has become one of the most sought-after marketing skills.


4. #Automation: Establish new ways of working to optimize ROI.

In a study on post-pandemic era marketing, Frost & Sullivan forecasted the trend of rising importance of chatbots and increasing use of virtual and online channels that result in 15.7% growth of the marketing automation solutions (MAS) market. Marketers have to be familiar with digital solutions in 2020 to streamline and automate marketing efforts to stay competitive.


5. #IndustryKnowledge: Strong understanding of industry to create campaigns that will resonate.

In a post-covid world, in-depth industry knowledge become the key ingredients for marketers to know how to design campaigns in a crisis. We have seen changes in many business, such as how we communicate with consumers and how to continue to drive revenue for our clients. Therefore, being specialised could give us a competitive advantage to stay relevant.


Key Takeaway

It is important to constantly evaluate our skills and important learnings to stay relevant in the market. The core ethos is to keep innovation as part of the culture, as consumers are always transforming faster than we are. The business that does not catch up will eventually be replaced.


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