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Case Study: Rurutiki's Remarkable Brand Transformation in E-commerce Digitalisation

Rurutiki Logo

Logo Rationale: The RURUTIKI logo merges the essence of communication, with speech bubbles representing engaging conversations. The horse symbolises the swiftness and strength of digitisation, while the green element reflects eco-friendly values. Together, they signify a dynamic, global fulfillment service that's swift, smart, and sustainable.

Rurutiki, a brand steeped in 80 years of history, embarked on a revolutionary digital transformation journey, partnering with Brand Soul to emerge as a leading e-commerce and digital solutions enabler in Southeast Asia (SEA).

With its innovative approach and creative prowess, Brand Soul meticulously analyzed Rurutiki's brand strategy and crafted a new branding roadmap, focusing on digitalisation and sustainability, to propel the brand to unprecedented heights.

Explore the innovative strategies, meticulous planning, and creative brilliance that brought this brand to new heights.

Crafting a New Identity

Brand Soul approached Rurutiki's transformation with a comprehensive analysis of the brand's existing strategy, conducting competitive and industry trend analysis to understand the market dynamics. The focus was on creating intelligent e-commerce solutions and integrating sustainability, paving the way for Rurutiki's digital transformation journey.

Innovative Branding Solutions for Digital Transformation

Brand Soul's creative endeavour encompassed various elements, including logo design, letterhead creation, lanyard design, and digital space and website design, each meticulously crafted to reflect Rurutiki's renewed brand essence.

The grand opening and the official launch of their new premise received overwhelming positive feedback, including accolades from Nestle's CEO, highlighting the success of their digital transformation journey.

Sustainable and Intelligent Outcome

The rebranding refreshed Rurutiki's look and feel and integrated ESG features, emphasizing the brand's commitment to sustainability. The new branding resonated well with the audience during the soft and official launches, establishing Rurutiki as a forward-thinking brand in the digital space.

Power of Digital Transformation

Rurutiki's digital transformation journey with Brand Soul is a testament to the power of innovative branding and strategic planning in redefining a brand's identity. The meticulous approach, creative brilliance, and focus on sustainability have positioned Rurutiki as a top e-commerce and digital solutions enabler in SEA, ready to embrace the future.

Inspired by Rurutiki's transformation and eager to elevate your brand? Reach out to the #brandsoulteam today and embark on your unique digital transformation journey to take your brand forward!

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