Who We Are

We exist to provide everything you need to turn your big dream into reality.


“While everyone is doing what you do in a congested marketplace, the only way to differentiate your business from your competitors is your brand – the most powerful voice of your business.”
Stella Wong, Founder – Brand & Marketing Specialist

When you are driven by passion and ambition in doing great things to solve people problems, your brain will unlock the power of ‘super strength’ and go beyond ordinary. Our passion in doing what we love to do for the brand we build for you is the same.

Brand Soul was founded by Stella Wong, a brand and marketing specialist who has a strong passion for creating successful brands that speak for itself.

Through many years of experience working with the large and small corporations in the area of brand development, public relations, media relations, social media marketing, and creative design, she realised that many Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs were lack of knowledge relating to brand identity development, and some of them even struggled when developing their brands’ messages.

With the mission to help business individuals to accomplish greatness by building their brands that share passion, story, and motivation with their clients, Brand Soul was then founded to provide a full breadth of branding & marketing solutions, aimed at helping organisations to change the way they see the power of their brands.

Stella is a very focused professional and always challenge herself to ‘think bigger and beyond’. She has successfully helped many business individuals and entrepreneurs (who had eventually become her friends) in realising their brand potential through connecting their brand ‘DNA’ to their business strategy – all with the intention to build trust, loyalty, and long-term relationship with their customers.