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Brand Wake-up Call: What Does Your Firm Stands For?

Many have said brands are intangible promises. 

But for business owners, they have real value for businesses. 

To be more specific, branding is like any asset whereby investing in brands requires an on-going effort and strategic planning. But eventually, it will pay back the dividends over time. 

The question is, how do you make your brand stand out especially in a world that is already saturated by high competition? What is your USP that differentiates your firm that the others? 

Most importantly, how can we leverage the digital space to 2x our business revenue especially during tough times like this?   

If you wish to get the above questions answered and accelerate your brand growth, this 1.5 hours branding session is a MUST-ATTEND webinar where you will get practical tips and case studies that help you strengthen your brand position, and turn your brand into a lead-generation machine.      

Who Should Attend?

- Business owners who experience sales decline during the virus outbreak and seeking advice to recover business 

- Firms who wish to expand their market footprints but build a strong brand identity 

- Entrepreneurs or small firms who wish to up their branding game 

- Anyone who wish to expand their horizons in branding & marketing 

What to Expect 

  1. How to build a powerful and memorable brand identity that sets your business apart

  2. A step-by-step guide to developing your brand USP that wins your customers’ hearts

  3. How to build brand touchpoints to attract potential clients to come to you  

  4. Increase your brand recognition online by 100% with 5 simple tips  

  5. Exclusive: Free brand health-check from the branding guru to analyze your current brand’s strength and areas for improvement  

To register, click here ( or scan the QR Code above to register (before 3 October).

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