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Flowture Solutions

Flowture Solutions was founded in Malaysia. The brand name, Flowture is derived from the blend of words, “water flow + future= Flowture”. Flowture exists with the sole purpose of helping industries propel their business forward by providing highly effective pump solutions.


Led by a team of industrial pump experts priding over 10 years of proven track-record experience, Flowture is here to fill in the industry missing gaps and supply the market needs—where industry players often find it challenging to search for application-specific and durable pumping solutions.


Flowture Solutions is a distributor of Sydex Pump in Malaysia. Sydex Pump is an Italy manufacturer that specialises in delivering highest quality progressing cavity pumps and services.  The project brief was to introduce a timeless and professional brand impression that could effectively reach out to more prospects with a consistent brand identity. We're glad that the project is now ready to share with everyone after we completed the brand strategy and brand identity process.

 Brand Strategy | Brand Identity

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