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Previously a taboo topic, men's grooming has now come to the forefront as an important parameter for the stylish and sophisticated man. When the Fleekr team came to us, they have a clear mission -- to provide the best products for men grooming needs.


With a clear brand mantra of "Men matter too", we have developed a unique brand positioning system and a clear brand strategy roadmap to set them apart from their competitors, and to ensure everyone in the organisation aligns to its vision, mission, brand story, and strategies to move forward as a global brand. 


The company logo incorporates symbols of a masculine nature to reflect the brand attributes. To assist them in maximising their brand visibility in the market, we have set up a clear brand look and feel which includes the keywords of high-energy, professional and lifestyle.


Addressing the gap in the market in the men's grooming products segment is one of the key areas that our client would like to place a great emphasis on. So we came up with a strategy on how to do this incorporating their manifesto into the brand. We're glad that the client was happy with the results and recommended us a company that exceeds expectations. 




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